A Musical Mix Like Me

This evening I will have the joy of performing as a vocalist at a Durga Puja event in Kolkata, where I am currently based for 6 months conducting fieldwork for my PhD. The programme will combine Early Music and Yorkshire folk influences with Rabindrasangeet, the quintessentially Bengali song tradition of melodies and poetry written by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. In some of these songs, Tagore borrowed from Western traditions. For example, the melody of his song Katobar Bhebechinu is drawn from the English popular song ‘Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes’ (dated back to 1616). Presenting both together, or juxtaposing Rabindrasangeet with European folk melodies, creates a tender sonic landscape that appeals to both my personal identity and my identity as a musician. I look forward to this performance very much.