Selected Academic Publications/Conference Presentations

Datta, A. 2020. ‘Virtual Choirs’ and the Simulation of Live Performance under Lockdown’ Social Anthropology.

Royal Anthropological Institute Conference 2018: Art Materiality and Representation

Convenor: Panel 083 – Performing Culture: Art and Performance for Coming to Know and Expressing Knowledge in the Social Sciences
Paper: Orientalist Opera in the 21st Century

Co-Convenor: Panel 081 – Comparing Notes: Realising the Sacred and the Self in Art

Column: Sound World

Direct links to Music Column 07/14-12/14, hosted at King’s Review

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About Sound World

Music is one of the few true human universals, present in some form in every culture known to us around the world. Sound World explores some of the technical, historical, emotional and philosophical dimensions of music in its myriad forms and manifestations, reminding us that in life music is never as far away or inaccessible as it sometimes is made to seem.


Last Night of the What? The Proms are already over – 13/09/14

“Can we do some real music now?” – Practice and the Pursuit of Perfection – 10/08/14

Tuning Into Each Other: Intimate Collaborations in Music-Making – 27/07/14


Leading and Following at the ‘Pink Jukebox’ – King’s Review – 29/04/15

Live Review: Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna, ‘Making Tracks’ – KAPA Productions – 19/11/14